What is fashion for you?

Fashion is about showing your identity.It is the first thing people look at to interpret who you are .It show what choice you make,what types of person you are,and share the world want you stand for .It give a glimpse into someone personality.Its how you diffrentiate yourself from other people ultimately,it is an individual statement of self impression.It show the way you live your moral, creativity and intelligence.It is the best way to known someone for who they really are.

It is a combination of science and art the clothes and accessories we need, and the way we express who we are individually and socially how we feel how we wish to communicate. it communicate value and taste throughts and ideas, form and function. It is an art form,a glimpses into someone’s personality.It is full of seriousness,playfullness ,a conceptions of distraction , entertainment, exhibition

It also can be my identity or ones identity.Its how you want the world to look at you.For example,it about putting a black ripped jeans one day and a kurta pajama the next day because the both dress represent who I am.It has the ability to change,start, clean and fresh with fluctuations of moods.Fashion is the opportunity for anything to happen and anything to change.It is timeless and never ending.

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