Best Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Hey guys, In this blog I highlight the best men’s summer fashion trends, which will make you look attractive, handsome and of course comfortable to wear. Firstly, when we think about purchasing the clothes, first question comes in our mind about what the quality of fabric is? and secondly, is it comfortable or not? and thirdly, is it in trend on not? or in simple word we can trendy.So, by these styling tips you can get to know about all these things. As it provide you a better knowledge that what to purchase or not, and also how to style yourself properly.

Here, are the best men’s summer fashion trends:-

Chinos For summer Fashion Trends

Chinos are a category of trousers or pants made from chinos fabric that contain 100% cotton fabrics or twill cotton. The most common items made from it is trousers and pants. When its too hot outside and you are uncomfortable to wear jeans, then opt for chinos as it is versatile, the one thing I like about this that it goes on every outfit as well as on every occasion.

With a pair of stylish chinos you can style yourself in summer season with a cool, comfortable look. More often this time, khaki color has change beyond the war zone too. Like jeans, you can dress chinos up, which look extra classy. The beauty of great pair of chinos is that they go with literally everything.

How to wear Chinos Tips and Tricks

The tips and tricks of chinos for best men’s summer fashion trends which are:

  1. You can pair chinos pants with casual shirt ( A-linen button-down or classic chambray shirt) will complement your chinos perfectly.
  2. If you are going for casual party look, then you can also carry them with T-shirts and a blazer, which is a perfectly winning combinations.
  3. If you are wearing a belt, then be sure that it should be matches with your shoes.
  4. Go all monochromatic means you can choose all black, its easiest to pair that look classy.
  5. Wear them with a casual shoes, as it won’t be worn with an uber-dressy shoes.
  6. For aesthetic casual look, opt for blazers in contrasting colors to amp up look.
  7. Pocket square and knitted ties will also work wonders to dress them up in a more relaxed manner.
  8. For chinos colors you can choose many colors, so don’t think that limited colors like for example navy chinos, red chinos, white chinos, khaki/ tan chinos, pink chinos.

Polo T-Shirt For Summer Fashion Trends

A polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with two or three buttons, and a optional pocket. Its a perfect combination or a balance between casual and formal. Its a true men’s style staple. You can wear it for casual wear for everyday look, the cool, breathable polo shirt. Its a every men’s wardrobe, as its not a garment that typically comes in for much affections or enthusiasm. Its the perfect and best men’s summer fashion trends.

How To wear Polo T-shirt

The following tips and tricks to wear or style polo t-shirt for best men’s fashion trend:-

  1. For fabrication, you can go for 100% cotton because it is very comfortable, breathable properties. Cotton polo is of 2 type:- pique, jersey.
  2. You can style short sleeve polo t-shirt with jeans and chinos or even suits pants and show off our muscles.
  3. Style polo t-shirt with shorts, opt from denim to chinos short, as it look super cool.
  4. Opt for monochrome colors to create a streamlined and timeless style or to try a separate combinations.
  5. You can even mixed informal to formal by pairing them with a formal chinos. It is a great clothing choice to finish your look, complete your look by wearing white sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, or derby shoes.
  6. If you don’t want to experiment, then keep it simple.
  7. In many cases you see simplest style moves have the biggest impacts therefore you can tuck in your polo shirt as it alter the feel of the outfits.

Cotton Shorts For Summer Fashion Trends

As shorts started as a “knee pants” and as time passed shorts become common for infantrymen across North Africa World War 2. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood and fashion designers started to normalize shorts. Shorts are casual garments and staple of men’s summer clothing. Its for summer events like hitting the beach, a poolside party, and outdoor activities like hiking or running. It is lightweight and breathable and is by far the easiest to wash and dry without special care.

How to wear Cotton Shorts

The following tips and tricks to wear or style cotton shorts for best men’s fashion trends:-

  1. The first point is the colors and the fitting you need. If your color complexion is darker, then go for dark colored shorts like black shade, grey shade, brown shades. For those who colors colors complexion are not darker, then they can go for any colors.
  2. You can pair solid color shots with printed shirts or checks shirts and vice versa.
  3. You can wear men’s loafers with it or you can go for boat shoes, white sneakers and many more.
  4. If its too hot to wear denim jeans and you can go for denim shorts also.
  5. You can also try layering up, with a tees and a shirt with a short.
  6. The classic combo of the linen shirt are shorts. Always opt for linen shirt.

Linen shirt for summer season

Firstly, we have to know about the fabric quality, as linen is the most widely used fabrics and its directly come from a flax plants. Its characteristics are strong, durable, and is an absorbent fabric and the most important thing I personally feel that it dries easily as per cotton. Since, linen also does not take on odors easily, linen shirts are also great for summer vacations as you can also pack easily. Its also have the characteristics the underscoring the natural cooling effect that linen is known for. Linen clothes, like shirts however are great for those who want to dress up in summer without looking corporate.

How to wear linen shirt

The following tips and tricks to wear or style linen shirt for best men’s fashion trends:-

  1. You can pair the linen shirt with a cotton short as it is a classic combination. Try pastel shorts with a blue linen shirt or a good contrasting color.
  2. Style them with a pair of jeans, for example pair them with a slim fit or skinny fit jeans with a linen sleeve or linen button up and you’ve got a weekend warrior’s outfits. An extra touch of style can be added by rolling up your sleeve to just below the elbow and throwing on a pair of casual shoes and white sneaker and also converse shoes.
  3. For a truly stylish summer aesthetic, you can opt for chinos, lighter chinos colors work best linen shirt given the time of the year so think khaki, cream, sand or pastel variants.
  4. If you are looking for a most polished territory the linen shirt can shine with a perfect pair of tailored trouser. Always tuck your shirt for a formal look.
  5. For more formal look you can also opt for suit combo. As you can already see, linen shirt provide contrasting texture. For example, pair it with a navy suits and white linen shirt or a navy linen shirt with a grey suits. Pull this off and you’ve got the full sartorial spectrum of this awesome and often overlooked fabric.

Sliders & Sneakers For Summer Season

Summer can be brutal on your feet. So for that you can go for sliders and sneakers. White is a great option for casual shoes like sneakers, as it reflects heat. Lighter browns are good option s for your outfits. Even opting for a grey can help brighten your look for spring season. Minimalist white sneaker is a shoes that transformed into an all season, all situation shoes. Avoid large logos, details, or toned of color as it doesn’t enhance your look.

Sliders on the other sides, as the name suggest that you can slip style with one or more straps on and off of your feet. Sliders are comfortable and laid back shoes to wear in spring, summer and early. Sliders may expose wearers feet to injuries if the straps are loose and foot beds do not conform to feet.


As accessories allow you to stand out and add a touch of your personality to your outfits. Many boys think accessories will look disgusting and not enhance your look, that the always mistake the boys used to do. Many option are there to accessories your as it create an illusion to your look.

  1. Very often,the sun will be out and shinning brightly, this time of year sunglasses are necessity. The right can look good for casual style, the most thing is to protect your eyes.
  2. Sunglasses option are:- aviators, square aviators, shields, round frames, and may more. Its look unique, and are comfortable to wear and also you will confident in it.
  3. Watches are a classic element of style that never goes out of the fashion and always adorned. It should be functional, durable and stylish on the other hand.
  4. Watches with straps, is the most popular watches, opt for leather, silicon, Watches with metal bracelets are also in fashion.
  5. Headgear has been a long time staples for gentlemen’s wardrobe. Just like sunglasses hats are a functional elements and are super stylish.
  6. When donning for summer caps, its all about the material like cotton, that can be breathable material, and can absorb sweat. Wear solid color cap and avoid logos.