Women’s fashion

Clothing affect the way we behave,our attitude personality,mood,confidence and even the way we react with other. Fashion for women is a challenge on how she look attractive each day, loved , noticed, treasured and feel special. The main motive for the women is their self esteem and this can be seen by beautiful, and modern clothing, accessories and how you present yourself.

Whenever,she wear the latest fashion trend, she feel attractive and beautiful which have a extreme effect on her self esteem. Having a wardrobe that is full of clothes, which includes everything she needs to look attractive,is the biggest dream of every women on this world.

Here are the fashion trends and tip of women clothing 2020.

Top 5 Fashion trend 2020 For Women


A garment incorporating trousers and a sleeve top in one piece. The jumpsuit vogue began in the fall of 1974.

Jumpsuit are fashionable because of their functionality, comfortable at all times, they precluded the need to coordinate pants and were easy to put on the take off.

How to wear?

The simple way to layer a jumpsuit is with the jacket on top. Try a blazer for formal event, and a leather jacket for casual outings.

By adding a belt to the jumpsuit, you’ll help define waist in a flattering way.

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The other option is layer a shirt or top underneath your jumpsuit.

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Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a floor or ankle length informal dress. It is form fitted at top and loose flowing at the bottom. They are usually made by cotton, polyester and come in variety of neckline, colour, and pattern.

It is very much comfortable, chic. You can wear them as flip-flops for a casual beach look.

How to wear?

You can create a flattering silhouette by using a belt at the waist, it create a pretty curve and add fashion cred.

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Choose a neutral belt to go with a maxi dress in neutral tone, or complementary color to really draw attention at the waist.

Wear it with sneaker- You can wear it with basic white sneaker, accessories with sparking drop earring and a trendy clutch, for a dress up- dress down look that feels young and cool.

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You can layer it with blazer in light- weight fabric and accessories with a fashionable footwear and a trendy bag.

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Monochromatic Outfit

Monochromatic (mono means single and chromatic means colour) so it is consisted of one piece of colour. Monochromatic colour refers to a color scheme that is compressed of variation of one color. You can use any color to create a monochromatic color scheme for example, adding white to red create pink, adding black to red create marron etc. Then the monochromatic color scheme of pink, red and marron.

Monochromatic outfit is a look made up of one color or shade of the same color. It take less energy and throught, they can be pretty tricky to get right. It make you feel confident.

How to wear ?

Accessories them with minimal jewellery and a pair of boots, and trendy bags.Layer it with blazer and go opt for formal event.

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Graphic Tees

It is the type of regular T-shirt and the only difference is that it have a graphic pattern or graph on it. It is sold by the big brand including Levi’s and Ralph Lauren.

It look attractive and visually appealing. It is very much comfortable, versatile.

How to wear?

Wear it with a pair of high waisted mom’s jeans, sneaker, and layered jewelry for go to casual look.

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Wear a fitted or oversized blazer over a graphics tees for a business event or meet.

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You can also tuckit with flared pant or denim pant or chino trouser, it look so fashionable.

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Tucked in or tried at the waist with distressed shorts.

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Slip Dress

A slip Dress is a underslip or petticoat. It is a traditional cut-on-bias,with spaghetti, strap.

Because of their pretty materials and decorative details, it gives vintage look.

It is light weight enough to layer, and it’s one of the only wardrobe staples that look just as good under a chunky knit or full length coat.

How to wear?

You can wear it by oversized blazer during the day.You can style with the knee high leather boot, show that the top of the boot disappear under the hemline of the dress and creating a fluid Street style moment.

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You can wear slip Dress to work also, by choosing the black accountrement and add modest blazer as per choice.