How To Look Expensive On A Budget For Women

How to look expensive on a budget

My mission and goal is to help women just like you, who have very jugging life. Because you have to look like you act together even if you done. This will help you to look expensive on a budget only for women.

I also wanted to explain a little bit that expensive to me is also means elegant, sophisticated, age-appropriate, chic. But,its not like that without having lots money we can’t look expensive. I think by having some sorts of styling tips and some chic accessories can absoutely help you out to look attractive yet elegant, sophisticated and of course expensive.

Here are some basic tips to look expensive

All Black To Look Expensive

The basic elegant way to look expensive is by wearing all black. But it also includes couples of various factors on how to look expensive, so here are they:-

1. You can buy inexpensive fabric and have them look expensive which is in dark color because it instantly make you look expensive.

All Black to look expensive on a budget
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2.Even all black make you look slimmer. So, you can go for that also which is of course better option for u.

3. Its just look more chic and elegant when you wear black is they don’t have to worry so much about your fabric choices because again, that color will hide if the fabric isn’t that expensive.

4. One of my favorite go-to’s this time of year when its a little bit warmer, is just a really nice pair of black trousers, whether its a culotte or an ankle trouser, and a black cami because,its just so simple, its elegant, and then you could always throw a little moto jacket over it. So, you could throw a great necklace on with it, a scarf with it or blazer with it. There’s endless possibilities, so all black is definitely a home run. Its very difficult screw up all- black.

All Black to look expensive on a budget
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All White To Look Expensive

In contrast to all- black, I think all-white can be equally as chic, maybe even luxe looking than all- black. So, the tricky part with all white, a couple things are :-

All White to look expensive on a budget
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  1. You have to do pony-up a little bit more for the fabrication because when you have inexpensive or synthetic white fabric, because its going to show little bit as per all black.
  2. It does show a lot more so it will shows trumps and bumps a lot more.
  3. So you have to be a little bit more strategic about the silhouette and the fit and how it works. so here’s an example off an all-white.Because, if you wear a white fuzzy sweater and wide leg white trouser. You can also a wear maxi dress which has high slit or white pant and white sweatshirt. I personally love an all-white that I feel it look very chic and expensive.
  4. So, if you can get those things right where you get the fit and the silhouette right and you also get the fabrication right, then go for the all- white, its just look divine.
All White to look expensive on a budget
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Fabrics To Look Expensive On A Budget

  1. The third we consider is the fabric, the fabric choices, so when you are looking on the tags of something and you’re thinking about buying it, if it is a natural fabric- So that would be linen, cotton, suede, leather, cashmere, silk those are natural fabric. Because they are naturally and look more expensive.
  2. They are naturally going to drape and fit the body better than synthetics. Because synthetics like polyester, rayon, nylon- they are going to not drape properly and even not look chic, attractive yet expensive as those fabric are not natural fabrics. so that’s another things to think about.

Jewelry To Look Expensive

1.The first way that you can go about it is to wear dainty jewelry. The circle necklace,stud earrings, the ring and when you wear these types of dainty pieces. Its always look different and attractive.

2. Another route you can go is wearing bold gold jewelry, one basic point you have to get through that you have just to wear gold jewelry and leave every things else out.Because, it will make you look chic and stylist.

The another option for you is the tried and true pearl necklace. Its just look very classic and pretty and feminine, but also very sophisticated. Because, you can even go for multi-layered pearl necklace or you can wear smaller multi-strand pieces, or you can just go for single strand which look classy.

Sunglasses To Look Expensive

Here you can around with going high or low. I think the dupes for the high, high-end sunglasses are so good that you can spend money with. Because,there are different types of sunglasses which are available in market and are trending are- aviator or pilot sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, round sunglasses, you can choose as per your faces because it just make you look a little bit more mysterious, a little but more stylish all-around all definitely more laze. So, sunglasses are totally key.

Sunglasses to look expensive on a budget
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Scaves To Look Expensive

Wearing a scarf is another option for you, if you want to look more luxe, expensive. So, you can go the route of the skinny, silky scarf and you can roll it up. But you can just add a really cool scarf to every day look. There’s many option.

Scarves to look expensive on a budget
Scarf for Winters

Belts To Look Expensive

Next up is Belts, because belts are something that doesn’t gonna break a bank, even the high, high-end ones, and they will take your whole look notch. Like it defines your waist and that’s why it look more expensive yet chic. So, its a better option.

Belts to look expensive on a budget
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Handbags To Look Expensive

The next tip I want to talk about are handbags. handbags are one of those really easy things that you can incorporate into your wardrobe, that will definitely elevate your overall look. There are a couple of ways you can go about.

Bags to look expensive on a budget
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Classic To Look Expensive

Importance of wearing classic does not means you cannot wear trendy pieces, I’m just trying to explain you that if you want to look laze and sophisticated in timeless, the classic pieces are the way to go. By classic pieces I mean tailored, clean time, minimal details pieces that will really span the decades, that never go out of the style, and the pieces that will look the most laze when in doulet, go classic vs trendy when you want to elevate and look more expensive.

Classic To look Expensive on a budget
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Dark Jeans To Look Expensive

Dark jeans, mentioned them, those are a big deal on a couple front.

  1. They makes you look slimmer.
  2. They are really versatile and they go with everything in your closet.
  3. They can elevate your look and look classier, more sophisticated because I love to pull out a pair of dark- washed skinny jeans, pair them with chic classic pomp and cute top and be done with it. Its a wonderful look, the dark jeans is basic and it should be every wardrobe. If you wear a dark washed jeans you will be very confident yet chic, classic and expensive.
Dark Washed Jeans to look expensive on a budget
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