Men’s Fashion

Men’s Fashion include very minimal fashion or a classy but also massy type fashion as they purchase one cloth and use in different way like for example the simple black jeans in varities of way that is with casual wear, traditional, street fashion, party wear,formal wear which show the minimal fashion.

Now a days mostly man are tend to find the dress having good fit,high in quality, versatility ,good value,lack of extreme and having a sobar look.

TOP 5 fashion trend and tips for men’s clothing


1.Cuban coller shirt

Cuban coller shirt has a open coller, short hem. It provide a casual- smart look that has proven to be flattering and all body- shape.


How to wear

You can wear it with a short not a swimming short,a chions short the best.If you want to give your casual t-shirt and a Jeans look much attractive,then layer it with Cuban coller as it look Perfect over a tees and work better than the other coller shirt.

Cuban coller shirt with chions short
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Simply wear it with white t-shirt or layer it and then go nuts for cuban coller( like try bold pattern,meet stripes and bright colour )you can also wear it which is the earliest outfit.If the shirt is a light colour,then opt for high washed jeans and on the other side for a darker was if you are wearing darker colour which bring American can beach vibe.

Cuban coller shirt with drak jeans
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2.Baggy silhouette:-

Baggy means hanging loosely on the back and silhouettes means the dark some body/something seen against a light background.It make the cloth look bigger,more relaxed, rebellious and minimalistic mood.

Silhouette were loose and oversized and casual dressing domination from 90’s fashion trend era.



Wear Baggy t-shirt with slim fitting jeans or trousers and sport it with sneakers rather than dressy shoe, for casual cool ,kid look, team it up with caffed ankle-length jeans, sneakers, nerdy glasses and a backpack.

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Baggy silhouette
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3.Patch work print

It is a type of sewing in which small pieces of clothes of different colours and patterns are sewn together.

It is highly organized, blatant chaos.Now the trend stretching from women’s-wear to mens wear could also be considered a fusion pattern


How to Wear

Seek out with blazers athletish jackets with contrasting elbow patches in denim both jeans and trucker jackets up with sewn -on patch accents.

Patchwork print
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Patchwork print
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4.All black

This trend is always popular or trendy as it suit in every occasion or you prefer Street Wear it also suit you.

It suit to every body type .Darker shades of black will make you look shape,even if you are in casual setting.Here are some tips for…


How to wear

If you are going for work event or wedding then style the black sleek and sexy these items of clothing are perfect for almost any occasion and on be dressed up or down.

You can also adjust your body temperature with a leather jacket and dress shoes or stay chilled with a basic T shirt and can pair the black ripped jeans and black t-shirt for everyday look.

All black
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Black jeans with olive green t-shirt
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5.Bohemian chic

“A socially unconventional person especially one who is involved in the art” , called Bohemian.In other words someone who make their own rule and ideas and find the beauty of everyday life.It gives vintage charm ,fabric are natural and natural and unfussy pattern and colour are injected in a bold and impressive manner.


How to wear

You can wear as Bohemian short which give the bohemian break the mold , embrace short ,and some vintage charm

And trying out a new bohemian style an patterns shirt is neccessity. The crinkle in the breezy fabric will have a stylisy disheveled and undone appearance.

Bohemian chic
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Bohemian chic with short
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Bohemian short
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